Web Developer, Entrepreneur & Father

👋 Hey there!

My name is Wynter Jones & I've been building web software for almost 20 years! If you want to say Hi, send me an email: wynter@hey.com

Current Projects


Create interactive single page lessons to share with your audience.

Ocean Terminal by Wynter Jones

Ocean Terminal

Just another highly opinionated terminal application for Linux & MacOS

Ocean Terminal by Wynter Jones

Port Killer CLI

Fast terminal app to kill ports in your terminal.

Ocean Terminal by Wynter Jones


Build websites, landing pages, ad graphics and PDF ebooks.

Ocean Terminal by Wynter Jones

Past Projects


My twin brother (Dylan Jones) and I made the ClickFunnels builder.

Ocean Terminal by Wynter Jones
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Thanks for checking out my website. I will be posting all the random projects I do here. Let's connect on social media!

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